Become a Speaker

Share your knowledge and your point of view with the world! Gain visibility and enhance your personal brand in the industry.


Preparation RoadMap

Profile Review

We work hard to select the right speakers. We review each profile, putting special emphasis on education and practical expertise.

Topic Review

We analyze if the topic you’d like to share is relevant to our audience. If necessary, together, we discuss it and crystalize.

Video Recording

We schedule a 45-60 mins video call to share your wisdom and expertise with us and the broader community.

First Step
First Step
First Step
First Step
First Step
First Step


Let us know about you: fill out the application form to be a guest.

Topic proposal

The speaker proposes a topic, case study,
or a question she would like to cover in her talk.


We send our speakers a template deck to implement her content and help her articulate her material ahead of the recorded conversation.



The presentation you prepare will not be used visually as one big video but rather across several 'episodes' to make it more catchy and easily 'consumed' on social media channels.

Each data talk episode is composed of:

An opening introduction slide about you : bio slide for 10 seconds.

Your content : a part of your recorded zoom interview (you talking) accompanied with your presentation.

Subtitles: transcribing what you are saying for the audience to access it without sound too.

In the end, we provide professionally edited episodes of the interview that can be easily shared by you and our audience.


The presentation you submit will be used across not just one big video but several ‘episodes’ to make it more catchy on social media channels.

Illustrate your talk with key words and simple visuals.
Make sure you have a clear background during the zoom interview.
Think about your plan of the presentation that will make it easier for us to cut your speech into several small data talks in different videos.
Use slides to help your speech.
Use evocative titles and write in English.
Do a test recording of a couple of minutes and review the sound and picture quality before recording the entire presentation.
Do present yourself.
Use PDF for the final presentation.
Don’t incorporate too detailed images or too dense content that will distract the user from your speech and the subtitles.
Don’t use a fake background. The background should be neutral and not distracting for the audience.
Don’t make references and jump on ideas to what you discussed previously in the meeting so people that watch your part 3 will still understand if they didn’t see your part 1.
Don’t make a 60 slide or too detailed presentation, 7-10 slides at the most.
Do not use only images without titles or text body.
Do not wear a t-shirt with a message. Blank color preferred.
Do not incorporate logos of your company in each slide.
Do not add a lot of effect so people can access the pdf without effect (you can duplicate slides for text appearing effect).
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