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We interview the most experienced people, today actively involved in Data Science projects, in order to share their wisdom with the broader community of Data Science and Big Data professionals. Our webinars not only introduce technical practitioners to latest trends and strategies, but also serve as educational material for non-technical decision makers, helping non-experts understand how to derive value from Data Science.
Segah Mir - Former Data Scientist

"What is MirData.Report about? The idea is simple.
I interview people who are, today, actively involved in Data Science. They share a lot of relevant industry knowledge: a model, a toolkit, a case study, or a specific DS approach to real problems. We wrap these interviews up into small ‘episodes’ and share them with the community—a kind of micro-learning for real people, doing real Data Science related work."

Segah A Mir
MiT Sloan (Alum),  Looker (Former Data Scientist)


  • Partner (Big Data), Google & Looker
  • Data Science Team Lead, Looker
    (Two-sided marketplaces, Payments, Booking platforms, Internet Infrastructure)
  • Data Science Consultant
    (Credit Risk & Underwriting, Revenue Management, Error Rate Optimization)


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