Data with Ethan Aaron

In conversation with the person who coined the phrase "Modern Data Stack is Dead"

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One of the most influential voices in the Data landscape world right now is Ethan Aaron, the Founder and CEO of Postmodern Data Stack Company. Ethan calls it how it is, and delivers his opinions at a regular daily interval. If you haven’t yet read him, you should definitely check him out on LinkedIn.

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Interview with Ethan Aaron

Without further ado, we hope you will get as many insights from this interview as we did.

There are three (3) ways to create value from Data

1) Analytics / Dashboards,
2) Operations / Automating Workflows,
3) Data Products

You have historically needed three different tech stacks to solve those problems. You would use your data warehouse, ELT tool and visualization tool to build dashboards. You would use an iPaaS, or an automation tool or a CDP for the operational side. And you would use engineers to build data products.
These are all collapsing!

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We need an orchestration layer in the data stack

And it doesn't exist today!

There are tools that could play this role:
- there are orchestration tools,
- there are transformation tools,
- there are the “modern data stack in a box” tools that stringing together the various components.

But they've either picked a very specific piece of the tech stack,
they've picked the entire tech stack with no interfaces to other platform

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Standardized data models is how analytics should work

There are a lot of vertical specific products, data products that have already been built, whether they are:
- product-led growth CRM systems,
- E-commerce data stacks in a box,
- or any tool purpose-built for analytics around a specific business function or vertical, such as for hiring, or talent acquisition.

..Insights are pretty standard at this point!

Full LinkedIn Post: Templated Data Model is where there is a ton of opportunity to create value

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