AI & Data Modeling

One of the most exciting areas in the tech infrastructure and middleware ecosystem of post-Generative AI world that is going to impact tons of end-user experiences is the intersection of AI and Data.

Below are some of my thoughts:

There are tons of co-pilots out there. Every week sees a new AI tool for X. One of the most frequently talked about topics is that of “co-pilot for next generation data stack”, which Elad (investor) received 50+ product submissions for. But what are the actual opportunities here?

“Data Modeling” is like teenage sex - everyone talks about it, but no one has done it. Well, actually, maybe it is the opposite. Lots of techies have done it, but they don’t always know how to talk about. Data modeling remains to be something understood in the eyes of the beholder. Time to change it…

If you follow Data on LinkedIn, Ethan requires no introduction. Here Ethan explains how Data teams can derive value from Data.