About Mirdata.Report

We are an independent publication bringing expert knowledge from the Data Science world. We invite Data industry practitioners, interview them and publish Data talks to help both technical decision makers and non-experts understand how to derive value from Data Science

Segah Mir - Former Data ScientistSegah Mir - Former Data Scientist

We all find ourselves spending months thinking about a problem  that someone already has a solution for. Our goal is to address this pain for Business stakeholders implementing future Data Science solutions designed by experts like You.

We deliver case studies and examples from real-world scenarios, using latest information from the data science world that you share with us.

Our aim is to build a knowledge base: a model, a toolkit, a case study from real people, doing real Data Science related project work.

Segah A. Mir
MiT Sloan (Alum),  Looker (Former Data Scientist)


We give visibility and recognition to speakers with our audience of over 22k subscribers: both Technical and Business audiences that derive value from Data Science in their jobs.

Data Talks

We produce content in English to be accessible to a broader community. Our speakers come from different sectors (e.g. biology, real estate, tech) and different areas (e.g. computer vision, product management, etc). We are always open to new topics and case studies - just let us know what you want to share!


We position our speakers as professionals who are industry influencers. We deliver content to our 22k+ audience across LinkedIn, Email, Quora, and Youtube. 


All the speakers are selected according to their profile carefully, and the content they provide is carefully reviewed. We then work with you on selection of topics relevant to our audience - typically, topics related to data science that non-technical audience might not have appreciated enough until they hear it from you.

Our Speakers

International speakers discuss challenges and opportunities of data across different sectors

Pavel Dmitriev

PhD in computer science
(Cornell University)

VP of Data science @Outreach

"In data science, the theory is different from practice "

Leoniod Pekelis

PhD in statistics
(Stanford University)

Data scientist @Opendoor

"You always should change math to account for the  way users use the system."

Elena levi

Product Team Lead @AppsFlyer

"Gaining trust is a big challenge."
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